Alexander Blank

Alexander Blank

Alemania / Germany

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Biography / Biografía

Alexander Blank es egresado de la Academia de Bellas Artes de Múnich, donde descubrió que la joyería puede ser mucho más que piezas bien elaboradas y tradiciones de la vieja escuela. En sus piezas podemos ver una mezcla de técnicas tradicionales como la talla clásica, la escultura y el papel de lija.

Entiende la joyería como un patio de juegos en el que puede divertirse, criticar y narrar todo lo que se imagina.  Algunas veces transforma logotipos comerciales y caricaturas en piezas de arte, tomando como referencia la cultura pop.

Alexander Blank is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where he discovered that jewelry can be more than well-crafted pieces and old-school traditions. In his pieces there is a mixture of classical techniques, such as carving, sculpture and sandpaper.

He understands jewellery making as a sort of playground, where he can have fun, criticize and narrate everything he can imagine. Sometimes transforms commercial logos and cartoons into pieces of art that make a nod to pop culture.

Articles / Artículos


Alexander Blank
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Alexander Blank: Where did the night go? Melanieisverding: HIDE AND SEEK

Smiley | 2007 | Alexander Blank

Of coarse I had to do something with the smiley that you see everywhere, in your text messages, advertisments, pop ups,etc. You kind of get bombed with it!

It somehow lost its symbolism or its iconic value that I know it had in hippy times as a feel good symbol or as part of the youth movement of acid house music and its drug abuse. There it was used on flyers for parties or t-shirts or any other assessoiry.

The Smiley kind of lost its origin because it was used in multiple meanings and will always be reborn freshly for any possible occasion in the future.

It gets abused in a way!

What remains if a Smiley gets worn out?

A smiley that went through all these periods and already had its hard and good times.

Sure, one that has dents and marks on the shiny happy face, but still keeps on smiling, keeps you up! Like this one…

Blank Planet

The serie of Blank Planets are globes that are used as pendants. Sometimes the meridian ring and the part to stand on is made with silver or brass. Furthermore it has a black or vintage surface, which makes it appear like an old mathematical instrument.

The white globe has no countries or continents printed neither the oceans.

It has a complete glossy eggshell coloured surface.

The globe itself is quite heavy on purpose.

For me the Blank Planet symbolizes a new start with an open end. No stories, no history is written yet. Also no rules, etc…like a blank sheet of paper.

On one hand everything is possible but on the other hand it seems difficult start into the great wide open, that linkes to the globes weight.

Therefore it deals with convenient safety and the start into the unknown. The jump into cold water maybe.

Thinking about Humbolt and other explorers when they started their journeys on unknown land and their hunger to find new things and to make up their own interpretations of those things, it makes me a nice wonderful, but also a jealous feeling.

Today one is confronted with the idea that everything has been done or thaught or found before and that there is nothing left over for us.

I do not want to believe this. I see the Blank Planets as a talisman to keep the mind open and to stubbornly believe that there is a lot left for us.

But I also like the game it plays with my own surname Blank. It sounds a bit megalomaniac, but well, everyone needs a planet, world, island universe where only your own imagination counts.


Fun Capital

Sunset State


Spaceport Cape Canaveral

a childhood memory

“I want to go to Florida”

Will this journey satisfy my aspirations?

Idyll without horrors. Idealized, retrospective, everything becomes a mythical place.

Becoming a silouette in direct light. A shadow play.

Archeology of aspirations and a knowledge of factuality.

Florida. I do not remember anything.

But I also like the game it plays with my own surname Blank. It sounds a bit megalomaniac, but well, everyone needs a planet, world, island universe where only your own imagination counts.

Alexander Blank | Statement | Longing for Darkness

The serie of 13 rings Friends – Longing for Darkness are the direct sequel to my former serie of brooches Evil Ed & Friends.

The former broochserie consists of 13 Animalheads which are individually carved, sanded and painted. In my point of view this work can be seen as an emerging, outburning youth, that courageously goes out on a new quest oft he jewellery grail without a fear of failure.

Focused, but without knowing the way. Arriving when they want, but always right on time.

In the new serie Friends – Longing for Darkness again 13 animalheads arose, this time as rings. Carved out of a block with a fine sanded surface. Virgin ivory white coloured rings.

In the subtitle Longing for Darkness I describe the attraction of the Darkness of the former broochserie. Maybe to hook up on the quest, not to refuse.

I like the romantic idea of going out on a phantastic journey, stepping into the unknown, ready for discovery.

Vamos! Allez ! Avanti! Hop! Ab Geht`er!

Alexander Blank | Statement | Longing for Darkness

The serie Memento Juniori consists of a group of skulls that seam to follow the classic motiv of Memento Mori jewelry. The pendants are carved out of an ivory coloured rigid foam.

…but they are neither human skulls, well known from the vanitas motiv, nor animal skulls, quite common as trophies or used as ritual jewelry in ancient times or primitive cultures.

Instead I made skulls of cartoon characters, especially from the Loones Toons / Bugs Bunny serie

…..yes, I am a TV-kid, I have to admit!

Those figures amongst others are fixed to my youth and childhood.

But no, it is not nostalgia or the aspect that in former times everything was better or easier, what moves me, but rather I am interested in youth being place – and timeless.

The protagonists in this cartoon act stereotypically. They have fixed and little characteristics and each episode has more or less the same structure and content.

The hero/the good is winning…as ever. The villain gets conked. THE END…

I really appreciate this unperturbable rhythm, that the heroes (good as evil) show us.

It does not matter how they get defeated or fail, or how hard the impact is or even how clever someone acted- on the next day all of them start it all over again and optimistically go on. The only thing that counts is „the Mission“!

It is not a question of really fulfilling their plans or being doomed to fail forever. All that matters is: nonstop virgin soil and beleaving in magical moments to be still possible. Enlightment and serenity are strange words to them.

Memento Juniori has a humoresque undertone for me. Like my other works before one might think on first sight that it is nonesense, but on the second glimpse it might evoke a beautiful melancholy or maybe a quiet laughter about oneself.

I also like the double meaning in the title Memento Juniori – remember the youth…or think about the young ones, lurking at the horizon.

Whether that has to count or even not!

Uuuuhhaaahahhahah! Roaring laughter from the off!